About Us


We’re located on the western side of Saanich Inlet on southern Vancouver Island since the 1940s. The lower bungalows were first built on the property and provided warm and cozy accommodation to many visitors for decades. The upper bungalows were built later in addition, some of them with two bedroom bungalows including full kitchen and full bathroom in order to accommodate families up to eight persons. Since the new management in 2010, we have been working hard to meet customers’ needs by renovating interior and exterior of the bungalows while preserving the property’s precious nature.


We provide spacious and comfortable bungalows where you can enjoy privacy, quietness and family time. Parking is provided right in front of your bungalow, and picnic tables and BBQ machines are provided on the front yard at your request. Bring your favourite outdoor chair and enjoy reading under the luscious tree, or drive five minutes North or South to enjoy hiking or walking on the beach.